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"Be More Cat Life lessons from our feline friends" by Alison Davies blue hardback book with orange lettering and cats illustration

Be More Cat by Alison Davies

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Be More Cat Life lessons from our feline friends --embrace your inner cat with this light-hearted read. From living in the moment, trusting your sixth-sense instincts, to taking cat naps and even going feral, this book will show you how to benefit by unleashing your innate cattitude.
Cats' ability to seize the day makes them excellent examples of how to make the most of every moment; whether it's playing an impromptu game of chase the sock, or an opportune swiping of a slice of roast chicken, our cats have it sorted. They're flexible but also prepared to tread their own path and they recognise the importance of play and rest in equal quantities.
This book reveals the nine different traits that you can take on board to Be More Cat and live a happier, healthier and all-round 'feline fabulous' existence. Packed with practical tips and exercises, interspersed with folklore and fun facts about our kitty gurus, there's something for everyone. So stretch out, relax and learn the art of being more cat.

  • Published by Quadrille Books
  • 144 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Measures approx. 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Alison Davies runs workshops at universities throughout the UK, showing academics, students and early years practitioners how stories can be used as tools for teaching and learning. Alison writes for a wide selection of magazines, including Bella, Soul & Spirit, Your Fitness, Take a Break, Fate and Fortune, Spirit and Destiny, You, Kindred Spirit and Woman's Own. Her features have also appeared in the Times Education Supplement, Daily Mail and Sunday Express parenting section, and various commercial magazines. Her most recent books Written in the Stars was published in 2018.

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