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Accoutrements/ Archie McPhee:
Based in Seattle, Archie McPhee supplies awesome stuff to awesome people. From Rubber Chickens to Narwhals, they've got it all!

Adia Kibur: Founder and Creative Director, Nadia Lee, could not be further from the world of fashion when she was an aspiring diplomat traveling in the Far East. Having attained her degree in International Relations, Nadia was exploring the globe and visiting a metal works factory when she came across a little girl, playing with make-shifts bracelets from tiny metal springs. As Nadia watched, she felt an immediate connection; she too loved to make pretty things for herself when she was young.

It was then Nadia realized what really inspired her, was the search for such connections. Seeing accessories as a way to bring people together, she launched Adia Kibur by the age of twenty-one to renew her creative passion. The company’s initial collection was met with immediate success; a line of metal-spring inspired jewelry, with its materials and approach so unique, the designs soon captured the attention of major buyers, cementing the brand as one of the most trend forward companies on the marketplace.

Atom Age Industries: Atom Age Industries is a Retailer of T-shirts, Records, and Licensed Goods from DEVO, The Cramps, FEAR, your favorite horror movies, and more!

B.A.I.T. Footwear: B.A.I.T. (But Another Innocent Tale...) footwear is the dream and vision of designer Julie Kim, created in the summer of 2011. Dedicated to her love of vintage, Julie designs shoes that bring back the nostalgia of yester-years, while always maintaining a modern touch. Believing in the philosophy that a gal can be just as confident and lovely in a pretty pair of heels, a low wedge or a sweet ballerina flat, B.A.I.T. footwear was created with hopes to bring back an era of feminine dressing.

Bernie Dexter: At a very young age, Bernie Dexter started going to thrift stores with her mother. She was always buying cat eye sunglasses, pretty 1950s dresses and shoes. That is where the madness began! She discovered the Rockabilly & Swing scene in Hollywood and would go dancing 3 times a week. She would look through LA Weekly to go see any bands that looked like they may be swing or Rockabilly...the perfect place to wear vintage dresses! The only problem was, when she started going out to swing dance clubs, she would find my vintage pieces ripping as soon as she hit the dance floor. Whether it be a seam due to dry cotton thread or a full on rip in the fabric starting to decompose, it was such a huge disappointment. Sometimes she never made it out the front door without a disaster. This is when she started to dream of making her own pin up dresses collection. So she decide to turn her favorite vintage formals into wearable day and sun dresses that you can dance, shop, or just feel pretty in.

Bettie Page Shoes: Ellie Shoes is a family owned and operated company. It was founded in Orange, California by Ellen Renger in 2000. The company started out as a footwear company that specialized in lingerie and bedroom shoes for women..Their Bettie Page Collection caters to the lifestyle and inspirations of her iconic presence within the subcultures that follow her today.

Bettie Page Swimwear: The Bettie Page line by Coral and Jade features swimwear designs inspired by the iconic Queen of Pinups, Bettie Page. All of their swimwear is MADE IN THE USA. Coral and Jade is committed to offering high-quality stylish suits for women to enjoy and feel comfortable wearing.

Brackney Leather: Brackney Leather is a family-owned company specializing in American-made leather goods which was formed in 1980, in Brackney, PA, by Jere and Scott Franklin. Their leather business began as a hobby for two brothers looking for something to do in the summer months.The Franklin brothers have expanded their business to include vest extenders, pant bungees, key chains, and motorcycle accessories. Their customers range from fashion-forward to hip hop to motorcyclists to alternative. They have also expanded their workforce, employing approximately 10 people to craft leather goods. But Jere and Scott are still at the shop daily, ensuring the satisfaction of their wide variety of customers, giving that old-fashioned feel to a still-growing business that began on a porch in the country...

Classic Hardware: Karyn Cantor is the owner, creator and designer of Classic Hardware. Her love of vintage fashions mixed with a strong post-industrial aesthetic is further influenced by the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau, bold clean lines of Art Deco and the humor of DaDaism. This striking amalgam of sensibilities, coupled with Karyn's fashion flair and sense of humor has developed into her current line of accessories that reflect today's sense of individuality, sophistication and chutzpah.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, jewelry designing came naturally to Karyn, she created her first line as a teenager in the early 80's LA Punk Rock scene. Thrift store finds such as rosary beads, jewelry parts and fishing lures were repurposed into bold statement pieces her and her friends would wear out to punk shows at places like the Whisky on Sunset. Karyn started the line in San Francisco then returned home to family and friends in LA, where she has continued to successfully grow Classic Hardware since 1995.

Dark Horse Comics: Dark Horse Comics was founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson as an offshoot of his Oregon comic-book retail chain, Things From Another World. Richardson pursued the idea of establishing an ideal atmosphere for creative professionals, and twenty-five years later the company has grown to become the third-largest comics publisher in the United States.

In 1980, Mike Richardson used a credit card with a two-thousand-dollar credit limit to open a comic-book store, Pegasus Books, in the small resort town of Bend, Oregon. His intention was to write and illustrate a children’s book himself while working in the store, but the business expanded, and his project was put on hold. He still plans to finish that book. As business grew, Richardson opened new retail locations in Oregon and Washington State. He soon became frustrated, however, by the lack of quality in the products he was selling, and so, using funds from his retail operation, he began his own publishing company. From the very start Dark Horse Comics was a different kind of publishing house. Writers and artists were treated as partners, an unheard-of generosity in the comic-publishing field at that time. Soon the industry’s top creators were flocking to Dark Horse, where they became involved in the publishing and marketing of their creations.

Dickies/ Dickies Girl: Through its dedication to innovation and continual customer contact, Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. has transformed itself from a small bib overall company to the largest workwear manufacturer in the world. Sold in every state in the U.S., Dickies now offers a broad spectrum of work garments ranging from work pants and work shirts to denim jeans and women's workwear. Since its beginnings in 1922, every piece of Dickies workwear has stood for the quality, toughness, and pride that embodies the spirit of the American worker.

Effie’s Heart: Fashion designer and owner Kimo Frazzitta began Effie’s Heart Clothing in 2006. Working out of her small Santa Clara, CA home, Kimo brought to life her dream of creating an original clothing line reflecting her appreciation of eclectic beauty, the arts, and classic style sensibilities. At Effie’s Heart, the main goal in clothing design is to create garments that are comfortable and flattering for all women. Classic styles must translate to contemporary living. Clothing of the past often required restrictive undergarments, complicated closures and was made of uncomfortable fabrics that had to be meticulously cared for. There is a wink of nostalgia in Effie’s Heart designs, but overall incredibly modern, always comfortable, perfectly fit and easy to care for.

Ellie Shoes: Ellie Shoes is a family owned and operated company. It was founded in Orange, California by Ellen Renger in 2000. The company started out as a footwear company that specialized in lingerie and bedroom shoes for women. Over the years, as Halloween costumes began getting sexier, the demand for a sexy costume shoe to match the outfit inspired Ellie’s involvement in the Halloween industry. Halloween has opened up new opportunities and has given us a lot of exposure to a whole new community. It was by accident that these two industries collided, and it continues to be a force that grows our business today. However, the DNA of Ellie Shoes is still in the lingerie business, and they’ve signed a license agreement with Bettie Page, catering to the Rockabilly, Pin-Up, and Burlesque genre.

Elope: In 1988, Kevin and Keith Johnson embarked on a journey to the far corners of planet Earth collecting and designing hats that made everybody laugh. In 1993, elope (Everybody’s Laughing on Planet Earth) was formed. Today, elope offers our customers a large variety of fun accessories from head to toe! Elope is committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality collection of original, whimsical, costume hats, glasses and accessories imaginable.

Erstwilder: Erstwilder is a Melbourne-based label, designing and producing collectible, limited edition jewellery and accessories. Everyone at Erstwilder HQ shares a love of animals great and small and draws a lot of inspiration from all things vintage, rockabilly, pinup, retro and art deco. These passions combine to create darling adornments which provide the perfect antidote to those drab, ordinary days.

Esther Williams Swimwear: "Buying a bathing suit can be a difficult moment for women, so I decided it was time to put my expertise to work to try to eliminate some of the pain. Therefore, I'm creating classic swimsuits that women will feel glamorous wearing and swimming in." - Esther Williams, the “Million Dollar Mermaid.”

All of Esther Williams swimwear is MADE IN THE USA, by Coral and Jade. Coral and Jade is committed to offering high-quality stylish suits for women to enjoy and feel comfortable wearing. And the best part? You can really swim, body surf and be active in them!

Fables By Barrie: Fables by Barrie was born on a perfect sunny day in April 2007, created with the goal to bring super stylish, whimsical, and head turning clothing to gals and their greatest friends. Fables is designed, developed, and manufactured in San Diego, California USA. They take pride in being most definitely sweatshop-free.

Felon Clothing: Felon Clothing is an American hot rod clothing company proudly servicing pinup, rockabilly, psychobilly, rock n’ roll, and punk rock guys and gals for over 15 years. Felon’s line of Mens and Womens Tees and Accessories are just the thing to jump start your tired wardrobe of safe and boring clothing.

Folter: Los Angeles based company started in 2005. Folter Clothing aroused the Streetwear scene from its deep slumber with its elegant and edgy twists on time old streetwear staples. Challenging the status quo, Folter destined itself to invigorate the world and to kick ass doing it! Folter apparel blends raw and dirty tough girl sexuality with hints of demure and delicate femininity.

Full Breach 77: T-shirts, leather jackets, other fun stuff, punk rock, rock 'n roll. Established in Chicago, 2002.

Fuzzy Dude: Patches, Buttons, Stickers, Fuzzy Dice and a Whole lot of Kitsch!

Goblinko / PORK: Created in 2010 by husband and wife artist team Sean Aaberg and Katie Aaberg, PORK started as a quarterly free magazine focusing on “ROCK & ROLL, WEIRDO ART, BAD IDEAS.” The brand now produces original screen-printed shirts, patches, buttons, and more!

Hairy Scary Hairclips and Accessories: Hairy Scary Hairclips and Accessories is a collection of unique, hand-crafted pieces inspired by Art Nouveau: the marriage of Nature & Humanity. LindaLu, the founder and designer, started Hairy Scary in 2006. Although she has a conservative day job, her evenings have always been shadowed by the Gothic & Aesthetic world. The designs are individually made with details of beads and feathers carefully placed, making every pieces an original.

Heart of Haute: Heart of Haute offers great items like Swing Dresses, Sexy Wiggle Dresses and classy Mod and Mid-Century styles. Our items are inspired by 50's and 60's fashion, pinup girls, rockabilly and vintage fashion culture. Teresa and Mandie Becker are a mother daughter team that found their niche in the vintage inspired fashion market, through what was initially a home based business in 2005. Made in California with Love & No Regrets!

Hollywood Mirror: Hollywood Mirror specializes in kitsch, rock, goth, punk, and Japanese inspired clothing, accessories, housewares, and novelties. They arrived in the US in the 1990s and set up shop in Chicago, with their headquarters still in Tokyo.

Hullabaloo: Purveyors of vintage deadstock jewelry and accessories. Two sisters who by chance wound up working in a vintage wonderland took over the business in 2006 and have not looked back.

Impact Merchandising: Impact Merchandising begins with Mike Howard, a long-time music fan and avid record/movie/toy collector. Mike started the company in 1993 as an off-shoot to his record store, Drastic Plastic. Drastic Plastic has specialized in independent and imported music since 1982. Both businesses are located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Impact Merchandising: Impact opened with five employees and a catalog of punk, ska, and industrial bands. Since then, we’ve included merchandise for many of the highly influential musicians and films we revere. Impact remains a fan-based business. They are a strong team of 30 creative, music-loving, hard-working individuals. All art, printing, and order fulfillment are still done in-house in Omaha to uphold high quality and excellent customer service. Impact sees the record store, record label, and licensed merchandising company as a means to offer quality product to fellow fans.

Iron Fist: Show stopping, heart stomping, walk on the wild side footwear-apparel-accessories for the well misbehaved gentleman, and monstrously cute girly girl.

K. Bell Socks: K. Bell Socks was founded in 1979 by Karen Bell as a small business based in Los Angeles, California. From humble beginnings K. Bell has grown into a multi-million dollar business with an international customer base and a strong retail presence. K. Bell Socks has a reputation for great designs and a quality product.

Leg Avenue: At Leg Avenue, they invent fantasy. With their quality costumes, hosiery, and elegant lingerie, they can take you there. Live out your fantasy with Leg Avenue.

Look From London: Look from London was founded in 1989. The brand consist of elegant, fashionable and stylish collections of designer Hosiery. Look from London design house is very well known for specializing in Printed Hosiery. Now based in Brooklyn, Look from London has become a favorite of specialty retailers, fashion editors, stylists as well as the everyday consumer. Look from London has been at the forefront of cutting edge hosiery design since its inception. MADE IN U.S.A.

Loungefly: Loungefly is a small team of people who work like crazy to design and sell unique yet affordable bags, accessories, and t-shirts. Started in a small warehouse in 1998, and based in sunny Southern California, Loungefly has become a premiere contemporary accessory company constantly striving to be cutting edge and creative.

Lucky 13: A celebration of everything uniquely American! Since 1991, Lucky-13 has celebrated this part of history by reminding us of a forgotten era that we've long been nostalgic for. Lucky-13 recognizes the disenfranchise, pin-ups, rule breakers, motor-heads, vixens and those who live on the outskirts of town. The tatted and forgotten, the ones who make quiet history, they see you. The real you. Anyone who has their own quintessential, coming-of-age story that define what it means to be part of a forgotten America -- step forward, rev your engine, scream at the top of your lungs. They’ve infused that "on-the-run" feeling into their aesthetic.Lucky-13 isn't just an apparel brand that pays homage to the vintage trend, it's a lifestyle.

Lucy B: Inspired by the pin-ups and glamour girls of the 1940's and 1950's, Lucy B founder Michelle Jouvence believes that every woman needs a drawer full of fabulous, foxy underthings. Lucy B is dedicated to making quality, distinctly playful, comfortable, affordable, fabulous fitting lingerie! And they make it all in house in Los Angeles.

The Lucy B collection has become a favorite of fashion forward and fashion backward women everywhere. Whether you fancy yourself the girl next door or a silver screen starlet, we have just the thing to put a smile on your face.

Lux de Ville: Ever seen a perfectly fabulous outfit murdered by an awful handbag? So have we... and so Lux de Ville was born in April 2003 with a mission to create beautiful handbags and accessories for all of those ladies who adore fashion! They combine a love of vintage, adding a strong retro touch, a dash of punk rock and a whole lot of quality to help you stand out in a crowd. From sparkle vinyl totes with huge dice baubles to velvet and leopard kiss locks with giant roses... there is something for every handbag lover out there.

MAK Sweaters: founded in 2000 by Nathan Yang, MAK Sweaters is a wholesale women's sweater manufacturing company.

Mantrap 1989: Established in 1989, Mantrap is BACK! With razor sharp tongue in cheek designs, and a simple feline glamour, the street is your catwalk!

Mascorro Leather: The ultimate manufacturing source for American made wallets, belts, handbags, and much more. All of their items are made of Genuine Leather.

MobTown Chicago: Mobtown Chicago is your premier source for belt buckles, jewelry and accessories made in the USA.

Ozone: Ozone was founded by Laurie Mallet in 2000. She strongly believed that socks were one of the only items untouched by fashion. Ozone Design is devoted entirely to putting fashion and fun into socks and tights. Laurie’s goal was to bring spirit and passion to one of the most intimate and neglected parts of our wardrobe. Ozone makes socks for many of the world’s famous museums. Laurie worked closely with Christo during The Gates project and developed the highly successful “Gates sock” sold during the event.

Pinup Girl/Couture: Since 1999, Pinup Girl, headed by Laura Byrnes, has been specializing in the highest quality vintage inspired fashion, shoes and accessories for women of every size! Their original designs are cut to flatter your curves and make you look as beautiful as you feel. Pinup Girl is the exclusive manufacturer and retailer of vintage inspired clothing lines Pinup Couture, Deadly Dames by Micheline Pitt, and Dixiefried by Melanie Komenkul. Since 1999, the originator of Pinup Style: Nifty Threads for Girly Girls and Bodacious Bombshells!

Pony Tales: The Pony Tales Collection from Fables by Barrie features vintage-inspired Western wear, and swimwear, for all the fancy ladies! Fables by Barrie was born on a perfect sunny day in April 2007, created with the goal to bring super stylish, whimsical, and head turning clothing to gals and their greatest friends. Fables is designed, developed, and manufactured in San Diego, California USA. They take pride in being most definitely sweatshop-free.

Qupid Shoes: Qupid shoes has a wide range of affordable selections, anything from flats, heels, pumps, sandals, boots, booties, casual, dressy, you name it!

Retro-a-go-go!: Retro-a-go-go! is the creative vision, energy and passion of founder, and vintage collector, Kirsten Pagacz and husband, designer, illustrator and artist, Doug. Together they scoured the earth amassing a spectacular collection of vintage art; everything from original illustrations to vinyl toys and everything in between, literally. Inspired by their much-loved collections of retro: advertising, art, pulp books, chocolate box top covers, vintage movie posters, magazines, comics, burlesque scrapbooks, vintage valentines and cool packaging from yesteryear, they create clever and fresh accessories for all of you retro lovers!

Rocket Dog: Rocket Dog launched in California in 1997 and has since become one of the leading footwear brands for women and girls.

Rock Rebel: Since 2003, Rock Rebel has been designing accessories and clothing for audiences from Rock n Roll, Punk Rock, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Tattoo-cultured and Pin-up’s all the way to comic book collectors, monster fanatics and Horror film lovers. All handbags and wallets are vegan and T-shirts and apparel 100% cotton. Through their licenses with Universal Films, Chaney Entertainment, Bela Lugosi and Lucas Film, Rock Rebel has been able to incorporate apparel and accessories representing Frankenstein, The Bride, Wolfman, The Creature of the Black Lagoon, Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy, Dracula and many characters in the Star Wars series. Rock Rebel is authentic, original and diverse in our effort to make apparel and accessories for the individual or collector in all of us.

Rock Roll Repeat: The bastard child of the 9 to 5 nightmare and toner-black fingertips bleeding on guitar strings. After a decade of designing and art directing band merch for others, they decided to design their own line of rock apparel.

Because you need another black shirt, but not another Black Flag parody.

See You Monday: Badass Clothing Made in Los Angeles. Made in Los Angeles, See You Monday is the foundation of everyday style, specializing in leggings and seamless products, that can be mixed and matched within the line or with your existing closet ALL year round.

Sock It To Me: Born in 2004, Sock It To Me founder Carrie Athinson sought to create socks like the ones she had fallen in love with while teaching English in Korea; they were thick, stretchy, colorful, and affordable. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sock It To Me frequently uses local artists’ artwork in their sock designs! Naked City is proud to be SITM’s first retail customer!

Sourpuss: Since 2001, Sourpuss has grown into a one-stop shop for clothing, accessories and homewares for folks who like to walk off the beaten path. Sourpuss is an independently owned, customer focused company that caters to the punk, rockabilly, retro, horror, and kitsch lifestyles!

Steady Clothing: Steady Clothing Inc. is Americana vintage-inspired men's and women's apparel designed and manufactured in the USA

Too Fast: Too Fast is a kickass, original punk & alternative clothing brand. Their style is influenced by underground music, alternative culture, rockabilly, tattoo, pinup, and grunge.

Trashy Diva: Founded in 1996, Trashy Diva by Candice Gwinn is based in New Orleans. Vintage & retro inspired clothing for ladies of all shapes and sizes. Trashy Diva’s goal when designing clothing is to make each piece both timeless and ageless. They take inspiration from antique and vintage clothing with a strong emphasis on feminine styles that flatter a variety of body types, and strive to bring back fine details that are rarely seen in clothing today. Many of their styles are based on vintage, but are fashioned to be above all else flattering- which usually means weeks of refitting the garments and re-cutting patterns.

Tripp NYC: Daang Goodman created Tripp NYC during the early 1980’s. Goodman’s designs arose out of New York City’s downtown rock & roll music and art scene. The brand continues to be influenced by these cultures today as well as New York City’s dynamic street style. Goodman creates clothing that is independent and modern, yet always timeless. This versatility has brought upon a greatly diverse following that can be found everywhere from the street wear and underground scene to the high fashion world. Staying true to its rock & roll roots, Tripp NYC is always an outlet for originality and expression!

T.U.K.: Now based in San Diego, CA, T.U.K. has been creating bold, original footwear for men & women since the 1990s. Footwear made for and inspired by artists, bands, music fanatics, fashionistas, & individuals with eclectic tastes. With their huge range from traditional classics to modern upstarts they are constantly providing creative style with an original edge. T.U.K. specialized in styles that were born in England but raised in California. T.U.K. is known for their Creepers, Mary Janes, Heels, and Combat Boots.

Tulle: Created in 1999, Tulle has always aimed to design vintage-inspired modern clothing. Starting from a small collection that focused on outerwear and sweaters, they have grown into a young contemporary collection of tops, skirts and dresses. Their formula is simple; they soak up our love of vintage fashion, mix it up with modern silhouettes, played with contemporary prints, to create a distinctive brand that is both feminine and sweet. Perfect for a day out on the town that can easily be carried into the evening!

Unique Vintage: Fabulous vintage-inspired clothing created out of one girl’s love for vintage clothing serving like-minded retro and vintage-inspired fashion fiends. Katie Echeverry opened her first boutique in Burbank, California in 2008, and currently creates unique reproductions of everything from gorgeous floral chiffon gowns straight out of a 1960s garden party to retro Hollywood starlet inspired swimsuits to black wiggle dresses with applique details that Audrey Hepburn herself would fawn over.

Volatile USA: Volatile footwear by Palos Verdes Footwear, Inc. satisfies the needs of the customer by offering a diverse line of shoes, sandals, and boots that are as unique as the personalities of the people who wear them. Volatile contin­ues to lead the world of fashion with trend-right designs that provide comfortable footwear at reasonable prices. The Volatile brand has appeared on the runway of exclusive fashion shows, featured on Project Runway and recog­nized by magazines such as “Lucky”, “People Style Watch”, “Seventeen”, and numerous international publications. Volatile is more than a shoe; it’s a lifestyle.

Von Erickson Labs: VonErickson's Laboratory is your “dead-i-cated” home for original creepy jewelry of all sorts including the original Monster Stitches and Bloody Drip “ghoul-ery” accessory lines. Why not show strangers exactly how weird you really are! All items are carefully skull-pted and cast in the USA!

Voodoo Vixen: Voodoo Vixen is a vintage inspired label, which infuses retro, pin-up and rockabilly styles with classic silhouettes to flatter the modern woman. Designed to compliment your curves and make you stand out from the crowd, our unique designs are influenced by the glamorous styles of the past, whilst following current trends and fashion movements. Based in the heart of buzzing East London, Voodoo Vixen is designed between our in-house designers in both L.A and London. Our custom prints are designed in-house and our garments are always made from quality fabrics.

Wanted Shoes, Inc.: Wanted Shoes, Inc. was born of the need to address a void in the marketplace for fun, fashion-forward footwear, with a strong accent on high-quality, intelligence and function, along with FUN! The WANTED label assures quality, style and affordability to its customers. Cost-conscious and affordable, we ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied with their selection. We have proven to the consumer that they can trust and rely on the Wanted name, where product, service and commitment can’t be beat!

ZAD: Started in 1986,`ZAD (pronounced zod) is a leading supplier of imported wholesale fashion jewelry, wholesale trend jewelry and wholesale costume jewelry. `ZAD jewelry provides the very latest in fashion necklaces, fashion bracelets, fashion earrings, fashion rings and more!`ZAD specializes in the latest fashion jewelry trends – from theme jewelry like watch necklaces, novelty jewelry, animal jewelry and fun retro jewelry, to classic styles like glass bead jewelry, gold metal jewelry, silver metal jewelry and vintage jewelry styles.